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bonne nuit les petits révolutions.

bonne nuit les petits révolutions.

"Art is something that happens inside us. We look at things in the world, and we become excited by them. We understand our own possibilities of becoming. And that’s what art is."

i kind of hate koons, but yes to this.

everything in its right place.

"You know the truth, though. No matter what people say, you’ll always know the truth.
… The work did not represent what you valued. The work, ultimately, was not something you are proud of."

this. exactly this. 



You’re insecure
I know what for
It’s because you lost
The revolutionary wa-a-a-r

via andmodern. (og: 22tops.)
<3 andmodern


i’m slightly devastated that my life didn’t turn out in such a way that would allow me to be on the creative team that is putting together this brilliant shit. the whole mockingjay propos as promos frame is killing me in the best possible way.

i tend to latch onto a song and listen to it on repeat for days and weeks on end until it inevitably defines a period of time in my life. this nugget here will always remind me of windowbox air conditioners at my parents’ house, visiting my grandfather in the hospital, and driving aimlessly through walls of humidity in southeastern pennsylvania.